Saturday, July 19, 2008

Okay, so here's the story

I had my info posted on a site dedicated to reuniting adoptees and their birth parents. I listed it years ago and just left it. Over the years I would get emails with info but it was mostly dead ends. A few years ago I found someone I thought was her... and I was wrong. I had the name right, but the wrong woman. I stopped for a while. Recently, just last week... I received an email from a woman in PA that did this for fun. She gave me her name and told me to google her and I'd see who she was. She, in time, found addresses and phone numbers for both of the twins. My birth mother was a twin, I knew that info... and we didn't know which one of the girls she was.

I called all of the numbers.

I reached her husband. He was protective and asked me a bunch of questions. I answered them all correctly and he gave her the phone. She was happy to hear from me. She was happy to know that I had a good life and I was healthy and happy. We talked and caught up and she told me things and answered my questions. I want to meet her and see what she looks like and get to know her better.

I am over whelmed and happy and excited and outside myself.

She told me the name of my birth father... I've found him as well. I spoke with him today and he is kind and centered and loves his family and his children and grand children. He has three girls and a boy.. and a baby on the way! I hope that he tells them all and they are fine with it and I can meet them and all is well. He seems like a wonderful man. I am so blessed to finally have an answer to where I come from. I am excited for a future relationships of whatever kind come from this. Life is good.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I found my birth mother yesterday. Actually, a search angel did and sent me her phone number. I called her. It was wonderful. I am overwhelmed. I"ll post more later... but I am now totally at peace. I have some answers, and life is good. ;-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The boys are home!!!

Well I have a full house again! My boys got home last night from San Diego. They had a GREAT time and enjoyed seeing the family. My In-laws didn't want to send them home. Here's a picture that Derrick loved the most. It made us laugh out loud!! The boys went to Birch Aquarium with their Nonna and Papa, and this is what they did!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taylor's Bday party!

So the boys had a great time in San Diego at Taylor's bday party. Little guy Graham got a strike, not using the bumpers! Everyone was excited about that. My mother in law says that my littlest niece, Avery, is now smitten with Gavin, my oldest boy. She has always been a bit shy, so that made me smile to hear. She cried when I hold her, and it breaks my heart that she doesn't know me well enough to be comfortable with me. It will come in time.

I got an order tonight for a SanDiego Chargers purse. I CANNOT wait to make it. ;-) I had the fabric already.. just bought the embroidery. I have to go tomorrow and buy the correct thread colors and bamo! I'll get it done quickly.

Hmmmm.... not much else. Derrick's been swimming laps and the community pool. He's really enjoying it. It's too hot for him to be running here in Tucson, so this is a great alternative. I've been going to the gym, working hard. I'm really loving the results. I've started to really enjoy the workouts.

That's all for now. I"ll keep you posted on the house, it's still not sold. We lowered the price this week, and we have an open house tomorrow. Wish us luck!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Nice quiet house...

So I got a new bag done last night.... It's really cute. I put it on my etsy site this morning. I'm going to make a few more like it. I don't use a pattern, just adjust sizing each time to make them all look different.

The boys are having a GREAT time in San Diego. You can actually see pictures of them with my niece, Sarah on my sister in law's blog They had a fun day at the beach yesterday with Nonna and Auntie Prudy. They went to the pool today with Nonna and Papa. They are having a busy week, and thankfully behaving themselves very well.

Derrick is home with me today. We're going to try to go out to dinner together. I think we're going to go to El Paso for some BBQ.

I'm going to make a few more change purses and hobos this week. I'm hoping our house will sell too... We have an open house next week. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

xoxoxo kisses and coffee

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

so quiet...

The boys are gone. I'm kinda sad, it's so quiet around here... but on the other hand, I welcome the solitude. Gavin and Graham have gone to San Diego to see their cousins and visit with the family for a week. Taylor's birthday is on Saturday and they are going to go bowling! Gavin loves to bowl, and Graham is just about the luckiest bowler ever! ;-)

I think the plan is for a few days of beach time, bringing Sarah with them on Thursday. They boys LOVE their cousin Sarah, and always have so much fun at Nonna and Papa's when Sarah comes for a sleepover with them! They are looking forward to this week.

Gavin has bought himself a Diamondbacks Fourth of July baseball hat with his Big Hit money. That big hit I told you about netted him $25.00!! and he worked hard all week and earned the rest to buy his hat. It really is a nice one.. and it looks great on him.

Derrick is working nights all week. That give me tons of time to sew! I have another special order to get working on, so I'm excited to have a quiet house to do it in.

Nothing major going on with the house right now. We are lowering the price again, hopefully this will be the last time. Our house we want in Morningstar is still available.... let's hope it doesn't sell till we're ready to buy it!

;-) Kisses and coffee!