Saturday, August 16, 2008

NFL Purses

So I've recently finished a bag that was a custom order. The girl wanted a San Diego Chargers purse.. I already had the fabric and then found the embroidery. It rocked. I then showed said bag to my neighbor and he asked if I could make a New York Giants bag. Sure. Just finished it... it rocks, too. I still have yet to assemble the Dallas Cowboys bag and the Pittsburgh Steelers bag... they are upstairs embroidered and ready to go together. I've been posting pictures on my myspace as I finish each bag. Check them out...

all my favy stuff

Okay, so here is some of my favy stuff right now.

1. Fat Quarters. I love to use assorted fabrics in my purses, but hate to buy big lots of fabrics, so fat quarters are perfect. (If you use alot of each fabric, then they are super 'spensive). I have a great stash of fun fabrics.

2. Bright colorful zippers. I found a seller on ebay that sells zippers by the dozen at a GREAT price. I ordered 5 dozen zippers from zipperstop for about 12 bucks WITH shipping. They have every color you can imagine and they are really nice smooth zippers!!

3. CherryGarage buttons. I had these buttons made from an etsy seller named buttonarcade. She was awesome to work with and made and shipped them very quickly. Daniel, my artist friend, worked up my designs for me and I emailed them off for buttonhood. See her shop at!

4. CherryGarage stickers. I had stickers made with the same art from my buttons. I ordered them from RixiePixie on etsy as well. She made them quickly, they are so much fun and I got them in no time. Such as easy transaction!! See her shop at!

5. Fun Cherry deco tapes. I ordered these from Raewaedolly on etsy. She is in Taiwan!! and picked them up for me at the market. I asked for cherries and she delivered. These deco tapes are great for packages, notes and cute stuff. See her shop at!

6. Abba Zabbas. These are my all time favorite thing ever. I love them. They are hard to find and so when I find them I buy three or four so that I have a stash somewhere. I found these at Cost Plus World Market.... and I"m saving them for a rainy day. LOL

So that's some of my stuff. ;-)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cute little coin purses...

Okay, so I've started making these cute little coin purses to go with my bags. I made one with an anchor on it to go with my Anchors Aweigh AHOY purse... and I've been making them to go with certain bags as special orders since summer started. I got a request for one with an initial on it.. an "R". I found a CUTE applique.. a tadah!! here's the cute little coin purse for Renee~

Thursday, August 14, 2008

House painting and all that jazz

So, last week was crazy. The boys started school on Thursday, Aug. 7, and we had painters come the same day and spruce up the house. It looks really good. Plain, but good. We had to "vanilla"ize it to make it more attractive to buyers. Whatever.

The boys have great teachers this year. Sad to say, I hope they don't have them for long, I want to move. Now. It's so hard to be excited about this school year. The boys keep asking about the move, and all we are is honest. When the house gets an offer, and we accept it, then we will be moving. They understand, but it's still difficult. We're all stressed about it and it's hard to keep a smiling face through this process. We have so much riding on it.... a normal life.

We've been watching the Olympics, like everyone else... and we're really enjoying them. Michael Phelps is just amazing. So many things have been fun to watch. It's fun when the boys have questions... Gavin asked me why ping pong was an olympic sport. How do you answer that?? LOL

I still just hope and pray that this move goe through... that we get to go back to So. Cal. and have holidays with family and birthdays with cousins. I want my kids to really know their cousins and play and grow with them all. It's so important to me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

stole this from my Sissy's blog.
Feel free to cut and paste and join along...

I am: creative
I think: about crazy crafty things
I know: that my family loves me
I want: to get this house sold and move back "home"
I have: an amazing husband and 2 wonderful boys
I wish: cherrygarage would become the next big thing
I hate: liars
I miss: my mom <3
I fear: fearless...
I feel: lucky to have all that I have
I hear: Gavin playing Star Wars on PS2
I smell: cinnamon rolls in the oven
I crave: a buyer for my house.
I search: for cute fabric all the time
I wonder: if we're making the right choices
I regret: that my mother never met my husband
I love: my life
I care: about people, their feelings and doing the right thing
I always: want to better myself
I am not: perfect, and I know it
I used to be: afraid
I believe: everything happens when it's meant to happen
I hope: my family will be happy with whatever happens with this move
I dance: always with a song in my heart
I sing: all the time.. not well
I don't always: make the best choices
I fight: for what's right
I write: not much... just in my blog
I lose: in certain games.
I win: in billiards
I never: put up with stupid people
I listen: when someone needs an ear
I can usually be found: at my computer or upstairs sewing
I am scared: of this house not selling "in time"
I need: nothing. (except a buyer for my house)