Monday, May 12, 2008

Getting ready for summer!

Only a few work days left... only a few school days left... we're all gearing up for summer around here. School lets out on the 23rd of May and that's my last day of work as well. Then we head out west for long weekend to celebrate Nick's graduation from San Diego State University. He's graduting with a degree in Mathematics Magna Cum Laude. WOW!

My month long project is going well! I'm enjoying the process. I'll fill you in (like anyone reads this) when I'm done. Right now it's mine to wallow in and enjoy. The other project will be keeping me very busy as well... we're starting the next stage in the next few days. That I will discuss when the time is right.

Wow, all these secrets. I feel like a little girl.

The house is not selling. We have had no showings in the last few weeks, but there was a bigger number than expected viewings on the MLS this weekend. That may be a good sign. We lowered our price, again... hoping to get this house sold. One good thing is that the san diego/temecula market is dropping at a faster rate than we are... so we'll be good to go once the time is right.

Yesterday was mother's day! We woke up late and lounged around. Derrick worked from 7-3 and met us at a scuba/birthday party that Gavin attended. Gavin had a blast and did very well with all the gear. What a great idea for a bunch of 10 year old boys!

Anyhow... pray for our house to sell... we want to get West. Now!! kisses and coffee!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

oh my goodness....

this week is crazy. Gavin's been sick for days. Missed two baseball games. Poor guy. Tomorrow is Graham's play and pizza dinner. Can't wait for that.

Friday is the Spring Fling at the school. The kids always have a great time.

I've still not sold on etsy. I'm hoping and waiting and excited and it will happen.

The project I spoke of in my first blog is moving to fruition. I have to work on the next step. I'm excited.

The other one month project is coming along great. 3 days in. I'll let you know when I'm done.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Other than the fact that we have two, count them.... TWO baseball games at 8 am tomorrow... I'm excited it's friday night. Work this week was a bit crazy. We had a client that didn't totally understand how screen printing works and looks and it made our week quite hectic. Big job, lots of money riding on it... lots of extra work. It worked out great in the end, thanks to alot of hard work by our printers and our artist. Thanks, too.. to alot of patience from our office staff. I honestly didn't have anything to do with it all. ;-) At least I'm honest.

The boys are doing well.. they had pajamma day at school today. Gavin changed his mind last minute and wore normal clothes. Graham loved wearing pjs all day. ;-)

Still no lookers on the house. It's starting to stress me a bit. I know that in time this will all happen.... I just have to hang on to the faith.

On a cool note, I get to buy my computer from my office. It's all set up the way I like it and that makes me happy.

We got good news from two wonderful families this week. One is trying to move to Temecula, and the other Is moving to Escondido. It just reiterates the fact that we should move back, that we'll have great people near by.

I cannot wait for us to start our new life. ;-)