Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sorry It took so long...

We have had a CRAZY couple of months. We got an offer on the house in Aug, moved out Sept 16th, came to San Diego on the 25th, closed escrow on the new house on the 3rd... and the movers finally delivered our stuff on the 10th of Oct.

Things are crazy around here. We have stacks of boxes and lots of work to do. Derrick and his Dad and his Uncle and Cousin came up to the house the first night and started painting the garage. It looks wonderful! They coated the floor and painted the walls and Derrick is so proud. We got a new washer and dryer and Derrick finally got his flat screen LCD.

They boys love their new school. Gavin has a boy in his class also named Gavin. Get this... they both have the last initial B. So the class is working on "nicknames" for the boys so they don't have problems. LOL So far, our Gavin is "Rubic's cube" because our last name is Block. Gavin likes it. Graham had his birthday on Friday. Their school was closed for a teacher's day so we woke him up with a surprise! All day with his family at Legoland. We had a great time.

All is good in our world right now.

I'll get back to blogging regularly soon. Life is a bit crazy even now. I'm just happy to be in a beautiful home with a happy family and a great future before me.

I am so thankful. Life is good...