Saturday, June 21, 2008


I totally forgot to post the other night after the game.

They won. They won and they had fun and they played well. What made me cry was my boy. Gavin got his first BIG hit of the season. All weekend long he said "I just want to get a hit" and he did it. He CRUSHED it. I was so happy for him. He bounced on first base with a smile as big as the sky. I cried. All the moms cried, we all were so excited. After that.. it would not have mattered what happened. The ended up winning the game and therefore the tournament.

I'm picking up their championship shirts in the morning. Tomorrow is the party. So excited.

No bidders on the house yet. We're not enjoying this lull in the market. We still have plenty of time, but it's nerve wracking.

Got another bag done this week. Gotta get a few cranked out to post on etsy.

Not much else to say... I"ll let you go for now.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wow, summer is in full swing!

It's getting into June, and no house buyer. We are getting a bit nervous... but know that in time it will all come together. They boys are enjoying their summer vacations. Gavin has been going all over town with good friends, he gets so many invites. He's had SO much fun so far this summer. His baseball team won their second game of the tournament tonight, that was fun. They beat a team that we have a "history" with... not a story I'm proud of, but a story nonetheless... we parents got too into the game... Tonight things went well. I was proud of how everyone behaved tonight.

I've been working on a few orders from I finished the first one, finished the quilt for kish... and my embroidery machine went bust. I took it in on Friday, I should have it back by Weds. I felt like I was running my child in to the emergency room when I took it up to the repair shop. ;-) I'll get the other two bags I have orders for finished this week, and post them on my etsy site for all to see.

I finished up my bootcamp. I really enjoyed it. Four weeks of early mornings, lots of sweat... tons of fun. ;-) Now I'm starting kettlebells. It's a hard workout and a good cardio workout as well. I see the results in my body... I feel stronger and my shape is changing.

I'll keep you posted on the tournament. I hope they do well. It would be fun for the boys to come in first. Although winning is not everything... it's nice to come out on top now and then.