Tuesday, January 4, 2011

it's been awhile...

2011. Wow. My life has been crazy and hectic and fun and exciting. It's also been stressful and sad and had some sorrow and worry, but I don't try to dwell on that. I'm starting a new semester in school in a few weeks, going back full time. I cannot wait to get rolling. I got a new computer and I'm going to the school today to pick up my books and get the full info on my first round of classes. I am so excited.

This has been a crazy month. Money worries, friends with ill children, and I just heard that a woman very dear to me has lost her husband. All of these things remind us that every day is a gift, every smile from a dear friend has meaning and any happiness you can give is a treasure. I feel so lucky to have two happy and healthy boys who are smart and funny and handsome and who make me proud. I count my blessings.

This year was my 20th year spending the holidays with my husband and his family. They are an amazing group of people who are spunky and fun. This year was difficult for us, we lost an amazing man this last June. Uncle Ray was a man with a big heart and a great laugh and a man of very few words. When he spoke you listened and it was usually a great story about growing up in the midwest with an out house on the farm. He was a great man. He is deeply missed. We got through the holidays with thoughts of him heavy on our minds. We all pitched in to support Auntie Lilla at this time. They were married for 40some years (I am sorry I don't know exactly how many). It was sudden, and extremely difficult for her. She is doing so well.. I am so proud of her and her strength.

The boys have been doing well, too. They start baseball here in a few weeks... it makes me sad to say it, but I won't be volunteering for "team mom" for their teams this semester of school. I just don't think I should tackle that as well at being a full time student. I will be in school all Saturday's and it's not fair to the parents if I'm not around to take care of the snack bar stuff, picture days, etc. I know that I will miss that. I love being the Team Mom. :-)

I'm not sure if anyone reads any of this stuff, but I know that I go back over time and see what I wrote and see how I was feeling and I love it when I come back and find a comment on my blogs. I love the idea that you can send your words out and someone can find them... maybe something you said reaches them... Really cool.

Life begins anew for all of us. I am going back to school, Auntie Lilla is embarking on a life on her own... my boys are growing into fine young men. Newness is scary and difficult and wonderful all rolled into one. A New year is a blessing, simply because we are here to enjoy it. Count your blessings everyday... realise that the best things in life are not the fancy cars or the newest gadgets or the expensive gifts under the tree... they are the things that hug you back, the things that greet you with a smile, the things that love you unconditionally, the things .... I could go on and on. The things that are most important in our lives are the people whom we love, the ones who love us back.

I have thought about that more in the last few weeks than ever before.

Happy New Year... May it be a blessed one for you, and may you we all start anew.

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Paul and Lisa said...


You write beautifully! Thank you so much saying those things about my dad! I miss him so much but i have you to guide me through these unknown days, weeks, months and years that lay before me! Thank you for being there for us and supporting my mom! You are right about this amazing family! We are crazy, funny, and loud, but we have each others backs no matter what! And I'm so glad you are a part of it! You have a wonderful and amazing little family! Your boys are growing up to become the man their daddy is! And even though I never met your mom or Valerie (I hope I got her name right) I know you have become the woman they both were! Love you more then words could say!