Thursday, April 29, 2010

LA INK, Dan Smith, Beautiful women

Last year I got a phone call from the producers of LA INK. They had received my application to be tattooed for the show and I had been chosen to be tattooed for the show. Wow! I was elated about being chosen. I had completed the application some two years prior.

I think I received that phone call in the end of Aug. By September I was chomping at the bit to get this done, and by Oct I was in LA shooting and being tattooed. The experience was amazing. It was a *bit* crazy.. but worth all of it.

Originally I was chosen to be Paulie's color tattoo for the episode that aired a few weeks ago. Something happened the day of the shoot and the American Electric studio was not available. I got that phone call about 1/2 an hour up the freeway. I was disappointed and hurt that this would not be happening. Shortly thereafter I got another call that it was a go. Derrick and I headed back up the freeway to get things rolling. About 20 minutes outside of LA we get another call. When the phone rang I was worried and kind of pissed... I hoped they weren't cancelling now. They informed me that Paulie would not be available today.

Paulie was not available. OMG. They tell me that I have one option. I can have it done by another artist, and we can do the intro shots today, but that I will have to come in some time next week to have the actual tattooing done. That artist will be Dan Smith. Holy Sheet!! OMG, Dan was always my first choice. His color work is amazing, he's super cute (not a prerequisite for a tattoo, but eye candy is always good). Needless to say I was not happy about having to come back a second day.. but I was very excited about being tattooed by Dan Smith.

We filmed that day. My entrance to the shop, a few questions about what I wanted and why. I had an opportunity to sit with Dan Smith and go over what I wanted, show him my photos. He was very nice and set me at ease. I discovered that day, too, that Dan is NOT that cocky dude they make him out to be on the show. This season is not as bad as last season, but last season he came across as arrogant. He's very down to earth, very polite and he LOVES his wife like no other. Such a cool guy. He totally put me at ease.

We came back the next week. It was actually the day before my birthday. We filmed a few parts during the tattoo, filmed the after shots, more questions in front of the camera. They fed us lunch (Derrick was with me) and once it was done we came home. We were gone all day and I now had some amazing art to carry for the remainder of my days...

I am very proud of my tattoo. It consists of three flowers. The Sunflower sits in front, and guides me. It symbolizes a woman who is a great role model for me. Her name was Valerie Farris. She was my neighbor growing up. She was tall and beautiful and charming and loving. She taught me so many lessons. She was a nurse. She "took over" when my mother died in 1989. She was the one I called when I wanted to cook for Derrick the first time. I called Val when my boys were sick or I needed advice. She was good friends with my Mom, she knew me and where I came from. She understood me. When we lost her to Bone Cancer I came home for her funeral. Her casket was covered in sunflowers. So fitting for such a cheerful beautiful woman. Whenever I see sunflowers I smile and think of Val.

The Calla Lilly is for my mom. She was an amazing woman. She was strong and sweet. She understood people. She taught me to be polite and kind and good. She fought cancer for 5 years and we lost her to breast cancer in 1989. She touched everyone she met. She was creative and loving and taught me how to crochet and needlepoint. I miss her everyday. I regret only that she never got to meet my husband and children. I carry her with me in my heart always, and she's got my back. I know she's watching over me.

The Dahlia is me. It's pink and pretty and open to everything! I love that Dahlias come in all colors and they always make me smile. We are all tied together. My mother and Val were great friends... they both took good care of me. The Farris family is my family... her daughters are my sisters. My brother is theirs as well.

I am extremely disappointed that my segment was not chosen for the show this season. But I know that everything happens for a reason. If Paulie had done my tattoo, I may had been on the air... but I don't believe that I would have had the tattoo I wanted. I strongly believe that this was what was meant to be and that Dan was my artist for a reason. He's a good guy. I took Derrick back a month later and Dan did a tattoo for him. He rocks.


w said...

LOVE IT. and then i got all teary eyed. that's not right, man.

Single Mom ISO said...

Hey Stacy,
I read your blog and I am sitting here crying like a baby. Loved it. Love the symbolism. You are one strong chick.I respect you even more now that I have had a little glimpse into your life.

Sugar said...

Wow... your story of those two women brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry that you lost them, but what a beautiful tribute you had inked.

On another note, that is the spot that I've been wanting to put a tattoo of my own. I have a scar just below. It's a long story, but seeing one on that spot looks so great. I think I'm going to go for it!

Hope to meet you soon.